The Tiger

Destined to be wild and in the raging ferocity, You prowl in the deepest jungle, in the valleys, the rivers, Each stripe on your fiery majestic build that you have earned Shows how powerful and grand you are, Your entire being displays an image of vicious strength and mysterious beauty, In just one blink of… Continue reading The Tiger


It’s just this one opportunity

It’s just this one opportunity To enjoy to the fullest of life Where we have endlessly changing horizon, each day we have a new and different sun Take a journey Wander lonely as a cloud, to the beauty, to the wild Bask in the morning sunshine, Feel the trickles of rain with arms wide open,… Continue reading It’s just this one opportunity


Story of the Sea

Sitting on the shore this evening, Looking at the sea, I wondered how this heavenly blue body manages to bestow Lovingly time for lovers to share their warmth Dream castle for little kids, Free minds to fly and narrate a new story, Abode for diverse crawling, swimming creatures   How she manages to love everybody, hate… Continue reading Story of the Sea