Thy Divine Lullaby

The sweet rise of fondant slope, Cast a white land, a world ushered by Mother Nature, frozen in timeless melody, so deep and enchanting, so pure, so divine, amplifying the silence, the silence in the timbers, the silence in the wind, swaying to the tune of the northern breeze, the silence that comforts all, the… Continue reading Thy Divine Lullaby


The most delightful journey in Sri Lanka

The train journey to Nuwara Eliya from Colombo offers one of the most scenic and memorable experiences. The journey through the lush green jungle, imposing tunnels, mountains with different shades of green, bright yellow wildflowers under the crystal blue sky, will certainly wake up the writer, poet, singer, painter, lover within anyone. The city displays… Continue reading The most delightful journey in Sri Lanka


Kodaikanal: The Princess of Hill Stations

Let me take you to a land shrouded with clouds and mist.Located in Tamil Nadu, this hill station is quite famous and stays true to its meaning even today. Kodaikanal is an apt place for nature lovers. Kodaikanal lake On the way to Dolphin Nose Piller Rocks We had planned a road trip from Bangalore.… Continue reading Kodaikanal: The Princess of Hill Stations


The Sundarbans – A firmament of nature

The Sundarbans, largest mangrove forest in the world, is a region of absolute beauty, shrouded with lush green flora, river-riddled marshy region, man-eating tigers and thrill of offbeat adventure. It has the honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site & a Biosphere Reserve. It is adjoined by two of the most densely populated countries… Continue reading The Sundarbans – A firmament of nature