Nature – Thy Charm

Let the sky display the divine elegance of warm sun clad in a veil of burning fire Let the clouds float around and feel the wonders it unfolds Let the mountains get stained with its silent shadow With a promise of a new dawn, Let it bid adieu to all and disappear in the realms… Continue reading Nature – Thy Charm


The Sundarbans – A firmament of nature

The Sundarbans, largest mangrove forest in the world, is a region of absolute beauty, shrouded with lush green flora, river-riddled marshy region, man-eating tigers and thrill of offbeat adventure. It has the honor of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site & a Biosphere Reserve. It is adjoined by two of the most densely populated countries… Continue reading The Sundarbans – A firmament of nature


A Secret Slice of Paradise That You Never Knew Existed

Walking into the secret trails of the west shore with fresh air all around, where trees swang with the rhythm of wind and undulated sea breeze, I looked up and found blue sky glittering with shinning stars and constellations. The magnificence of the beauty of the peaceful silence was eternal and awe inspiring. When all… Continue reading A Secret Slice of Paradise That You Never Knew Existed


Lets Backpack to Pondicherry

Why Pondicherry ? The town of bougainvillea – draped white houses, Marveled with glows of the red rising warming Sun, Sparkles of which you find at the horizon of the sea Salt in the air, Sand in your hair, Where waves of water whirl with the morning air A land of sheer paradise, A mix… Continue reading Lets Backpack to Pondicherry


It’s just this one opportunity

It’s just this one opportunity To enjoy to the fullest of life Where we have endlessly changing horizon, each day we have a new and different sun Take a journey Wander lonely as a cloud, to the beauty, to the wild Bask in the morning sunshine, Feel the trickles of rain with arms wide open,… Continue reading It’s just this one opportunity