Let’s Start to Save For Travel


“How can I afford to travel all the time?” is a question that pops up in the head when we decide to travel off for few years or be a lifetime traveller. We are feared of the fact that being financially able to travel the world is next to impossible unless we win the lottery.

Well, then how do we make our travel dreams possible and assume we are either lucky or independently wealthy. Everything we want in our lives needs an utmost effort to achieve. Unfortunately, there is no free ride here. It’s not that difficult though. We just need to make travel a priority. And in order to make this happen, we need to make few sacrifices in other areas of our lives.

If you are wondering how others are able to save for travel and you are stuck at home paying number of bills, you may be able to benefit from a few of these money saving tips.

  • Budget Planner:

Create a spreadsheet in Excel and start tracking every single purchase or payment. Budget planner Apps are available which can make your work easier.
Doing this for about a month or two, you will have the records of where you spend your money. Now you can consciously decide how you need to change your spending habits and save some money.


  • Transfer money to Savings Account:

Once you get an idea of your budget and the amount that you are able to save, transfer that amount to your savings bank every month or every two weeks and do not touch it.

  • Stop Buying:

The next time you want to buy something, ask yourself if you really need it. Most likely the answer would be no. You may realize that there is nothing wrong with the old ones anyway.

  • Selling Items:

Go through your closet, garage, and boxes to find items you are no longer using. Selling your unwanted things can boost your savings dramatically. Sell your car and hitch a ride to work each day. Then you won’t have to pay car insurance, petrol, or car servicing. Sell old clothes online or at a local market and walk away with good money towards your travels.

  • Limit Entertainment:

Stop paying money for coffee and convince yourself that you make the best one. Instead of meeting friends for dinner, invited them over for a home cooked meal. Instead of purchasing overpriced drinks in bars, have a few glasses of wine at home with friends. Invite friends over instead of going out, go to places on days they are offering free admission, and look for other free things to do for entertainment. There are definitely plenty of things to do that don’t cost much money.

These little changes will definitely assist us lead to a longer journey around the world and doing what we love.


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