The most delightful journey in Sri Lanka

The train journey to Nuwara Eliya from Colombo offers one of the most scenic and memorable experiences. The journey through the lush green jungle, imposing tunnels, mountains with different shades of green, bright yellow wildflowers under the crystal blue sky, will certainly wake up the writer, poet, singer, painter, lover within anyone.


The city displays a “toy town ambience”, surrounded by tea plantations. The best part about this place is that it is mostly untouched from commercial establishments. So, it lets you treat yourself with fresh air, less noise, less traffic.




Lake Gregory

The city has a very beautiful lake called Lake Gregory which is spread across an area of 91.2 hectares built for the purpose of making use of water from River Nanuoya that flows past Nuwara Eliya.

We stayed for one day in this paradise with our homestay right in front of Lake Gregory which we booked in advance from The Place offered a heavenly view from the balcony.
Instead of wandering around the city, we preferred spending most of our time sitting in the balcony and enjoying the range of colorful shades the city displayed.

The cool breeze, green foliage all around fills the mind with wonder, serenades with the music of tranquility.


The next day when we left for our next destination, we realized that it didn’t feel like just one day; at least a week of living had occurred. The place blessed us with everlasting memories.



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